Full set XXIO PRIME 2018

1 driver

2 fairway

1 rescue (hybrid)

1 iron (5,6,7,8,9,P,A,S)

1 Bag

Like the XXIO Prime drivers, the fairway woods have a cup face with variable thickness for more forgiveness and speed across the face. They also use an extremely light shaft and lower CG from the head construction to pick up 3.4 yards on average compared to their predecessors, according to XXIO. The total weight of the clubs range from 273 gram (3 wood) to 285 grams (7 wood), making them some of the lightest fairway wood offerings on the market.

This Fairway Wood comes with XXIO Prime SP-900 graphite shafts which made with premium materials, including Toray T110G, and use different constructions in the tip, mid and butt sections to improve performance. Key to their design are shock-absorbing, flexible tip sections, which can help golfers create more club-face closure at impact to increase draw bias.

This Utility available in 4 loft options: 15, 18, 21 and 24 degrees

XXIO Japan 2017 Prime Fairway WoodXXIO Japan 2017 Prime Fairway Wood

Right Hand






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