Lamkin Z5 Rubber Golf Grip

Lamkin Crossline Z5 Grips



Five Zones of High-Performance engineering – One perfect golf grip

The Z5 golf grips from Lamkin features five distinctive grip zones scientifically engineered to promote proper hand placement and the ideal light-pressure grip with every swing. The grip’s multi-compound foundation is combined with a functional network of textures and patterns to deliver enhanced grip comfort, control and consistency.

More speed and distance

Featuring a multi-pattern surface and a firmer, responsive compound, the new Z5 provides a secure connection designed to eliminate excess grip tension while promoting consistent hand placement for the ideal grip with every swing. With lighter grip pressure and the proper grip at address, the backswing is more fluid and the clubhead is properly positioned for increased speed, distance and shot control.

More accuracy and confidence

With a smoother micro texture and V-shaped dividing groove in the lower grip zones, Z5 delivers enhanced feel and a functional alignment reference that enables the hands to work in unity for greater shot consistency and control.

All-Weather playability

The upper zones of the new Z5 grip include a deeper horizontal pattern for maximum grip traction and control in all climates and playing conditions.

Lamkin Crossline Z5 Grips




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