If you master wedge shots, you canrely on this gentlenessthat changes your golf

Titleist’s proprietary forging technology, Co-Forging, and an innovative multi-material structure enable precise center-of-gravity design, exhibiting a pure feel and proper back spin required at each loft angle, and high flight distance stability. To do.

Loft angle:
Tour chrome finish 48 ° / 50 ° / 52 ° / 54 ° / 56 ° / 58 ° / 60 °
Black PVD 48 ° / 50 ° / 52 ° / 54 ° / 56 ° / 58 ° / 60 °

Entering a short game with confidence isthe shortcut to score up

Progressive CG design that optimizes the distance for each loft angle achieves the
desired sense of distance and optimized spin control performance required for each loft angle at a high level.

Maximum spin performance The advanced spin
milled groove enables optimal spin control. Demonstrate the spin performance expected by players and aim with confidence even in difficult pin positions.

Ultimate Diversity Grinding has been completed in response to the various demands of tour players and can be confident in any wedge shot by adapting to the player’s level and course conditions.


Progressive CG design & Co-Forged(Precision high technology forging)

Progressive CG design minimizes variations in distance by optimizing the height of the center of gravity for each loft, achieving accurate distance feeling and spin control.
In VOKEY FORGED, Co-Forging (precision high technology forging) arranges tungsten and titanium to be closer to the face center so that the center of gravity is closer to the hit point, and forging precisely, improving feeling and variation in left and right In order to achieve the desired shot.

Improved TX4 Groove & Parallel Milling

In addition to the original groove design that changes the width and depth of the groove according to the loft angle, parallel milling of precision processing is adopted between the grooves. By inspecting every groove one by one and heat treating the surface, in addition to improving durability, we have realized better spin performance.

Prewarn leading edge

By cutting the leading edge side of the sole, it is easier for the bounce to touch the ground, achieving a smooth and stable impact. Good shape compatible with Japanese turf.

Head design that is easy to hold and recalls shot images

Sharp topline with sharp edges, sharp rounded edges, and easy-to-hold gooseneck.
The Japanese golfer’s taste and the design optimized for the Japanese course conditions bring the shot as imagined.

Original carbon shaft for wedge only

Wedges require not only full shots but also shots from various conditions such as green side, rough and bunker. Prepare a carbon shaft that matches the performance wedge.

“Wedges need a variety of shots andcontexts.THERE IS NO SINGLE WEDGE FOR
every player,SOyouNEED
a variety of grind types.”

Master Craftman Bob Bokei


F GRIND <br> maximize bounce effect

Maximize F GRIND bounce effect

By giving the maximum bounce angle, even those with a sharp swing trajectory can exert a bounce effect. It is also ideal for bunkers due to its large bounce effect. It is a sole grind that feels gentle by bounce in all swing types and riding conditions.

M GRIND <br> Manipulate bounces

Manipulate M GRIND
bounces Various shots

The M grind, which has a large grind from the sole to the trailing edge to the heel, has a smaller bounce effect. The bounce effect is unlikely to increase even with an open face, and it is suitable for golfers who want to control the ball muscle with various face angles and head controls.

K GRIND <br> Easy to use with bunker

Experience the ease of use with K GRIND bunker

The wide sole K-grind with a wide sole can naturally bounce without opening. The best model for bunker escape. In addition, it is sole grind that you can feel comfortable omission in all kinds of riding conditions.

S GRIND <br> Universal type that can open the face

All-purpose type that can open S GRIND face

The S grind, which is grinded small from the trailing edge of the sole to the heel, has a moderate bounce effect when it is set in a square, and the bounce effect does not increase too much even when it is open face, and it can be used in various conditions. A variety of shots are possible.


* Right type only * Please consider the weight (gross weight) of the golf club as a guide. * Specifications are shown in S only, Titleist Diamana VF is shown in 60 only, as of January 2019.
* The wedge sole has a special shape, so the bounce angle is significantly different from the value measured by the normal measurement method. For this reason, the bounce angle at which the sole bounce actually works is displayed.
* Golf clubs have production tolerances. Please note.
* Titleist Diamana VF is a custom compatible shaft.


(Nippon Shaft)

Flex:  S
Weight:  98g
Torque:  1.9 °
Launch:  Medium tone

Titleist Diamana VF 60
(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

Weight:  63g
Torque:  3.1 °
Launch:  Medium tone
* Custom compatible

Titleist Diamana VF 50
(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

Weight:  54g
Torque:  3.2 °
Launch:  Medium tone
* Custom compatible

Titleist Diamana VF 40
(Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

Weight:  46g
Torque:  4.3 °
Launch:  First medium condition
* Custom compatible

Golf Pride BV Wings Multi Compound
Black / Black (M60)


Left Hand, Right Hand






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