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The Tour AD Iron Series are complementing models of the popular Tour AD premium wood series. Available in weights from 50 grams all the way up to 115 grams, the Tour AD Irons are designed and manufactured exclusively at the Graphite Design factory headquarters in Japan utilizing the same technology found in the Tour AD wood series.  The Tour AD graphite iron shafts exceed overall performance characteristics when compared to light weight steel shafts, resulting in greater distance with precise accuracy and control.

The light weight Tour AD-50 model is a single flex offering designed for slow swing speed players and features a soft flex profile with a low kick point designed for higher ball flight and mid to high spin rates.  The Tour AD-50 shafts are available in two color options of either blue or pink.

The Tour AD-55 shafts feature a low/mid kick point designed to promote higher ball flight and additional spin.  The Tour AD-65, AD-75 AD-85 and AD-95 weights feature a mid-kick point designed for a mid to mid/high ball flight and mid spin rates.

The Tour AD-55, -65, -75 and -85 gram shafts are available in men’s flexes of Regular and Stiff and come in one color option of black with white bands and silver rings.  The Tour AD-95 gram shafts are available in men’s flexes of Stiff and X-Stiff and come in one color option of black with white bands and silver rings.

The Tour AD-105 & AD-115 iron models are a combo flex S/X Flex offering and feature a mid-high kick point designed to produce a lower, piercing ball flight with low/mid spin rates.  Tour AD-105 & 115 models are available in one color option of black with white bands and silver rings. Contact Pro’s Choice Sales for the specific details and fitting advice for the combo flex options of the Tour AD 105/115g Iron shafts.

Take advantage of the superior distance with precise accuracy that Graphite Design shafts can offer and give the Tour AD premium Iron graphite shafts a try in your next set of irons.

Features & Technology:

  • High modulus, premium, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials.
  • Graphite Design proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.

Bend Profile:

ShaftsTIP SectionMID SectionBUTT Section


  • Designed to be very versatile with multiple weights available to promote Low/Mid to Mid/High launch angles with Low/Mid to Mid ball spin rates.
  • MSRP – AD 50g – 95g: $115
  • MSRP – AD 105g-115g: $375


Less than 70 MPH86-95 MPH96-105 MPH105+ MPH
L Flex
R Flex
S Flex
X Flex

Tip Trimming:

  • The Tour AD Iron shafts are all discrete length shafts, therefore Pro’s Choice recommends only Butt Trimming them to your desired club length.
  • Pro’s Choice encourages consulting a PGA Professional or qualified club builder to help you determine the correct shaft and length for your swing profile and to meet your goals.
  • Improper installation may affect the intended performance of the shaft. Warranty is for material and workmanship of our products. Improper installation voids warranty of product.


Shaft TypePart NumberColorFlexLengthWt.Tip ODTip Para.Butt ODTorqueKick ptLaunchSpin
TOUR AD IRON 50gAD50B-L03 thru L10BlueLadies39″ – 35.5″50g.370″1.375″.585″3.9LOWHIGHMID
TOUR AD IRON 50gAD50P-L03 thru L10PinkLadies39″ – 35.5″50g.370″1.375″.585″3.9LOWHIGHMID
TOUR AD IRON 55gAD55BK-R03 thru R10Black/WhiteRegular39″ – 35.5″57g.355″Taper.589″3.2LOW/MIDMID/HIGHMID
TOUR AD IRON 55gAD55BK-S03 thru S10Black/WhiteStiff39″ – 35.5″59g.355″Taper.591″3.2LOW/MIDMID/HIGHMID
TOUR AD IRON 65gAD65T2BK-R03 thru R10Black/WhiteRegular39″ – 35.5″67g.355″Taper.583″2.7LOW/ MIDMID/ HIGHMID
TOUR AD IRON 65gAD65T2BK-S03 thru S10Black/WhiteStiff39″ – 35.5″68g.355″Taper.585″2.7MIDMIDMID
TOUR AD IRON 75gAD75BK-R03-R10Black/WhiteRegular39″ – 35.5″78g.355″Taper.593″2.8LOW/ MIDMID/ HIGHMID
TOUR AD IRON 75gAD75BK-S03 thru S10Black/WhiteStiff39″ – 35.5″79g.355″Taper.593″2.8MIDMIDMID
TOUR AD IRON 85gAD85BK-R03 thru R10Black/WhiteRegular39″ – 35.5″88g.355″Taper.593″2.4MIDMIDMID
TOUR AD IRON 85gAD85BK-S03 thru S10Black/WhiteStiff39″ – 35.5″89g.355″Taper.593″2.4MIDMIDMID
TOUR AD IRON 95gAD95BK-S03 thru S10Black/WhiteStiff39″ – 35.5″98g.355″Taper.593″2.2MIDMIDMID
TOUR AD IRON 95gAD95BK-X03 thru X10Black/WhiteX-Stiff39″ – 35.5″99g.355″Taper.593″2.2MIDMIDMID
TOUR AD IRON 105gAD105-X01 thru X10Black/WhiteCombo S/X40″-36″105g.355″Taper.602″2.1MID/ HIGHLOW/ MIDLOW/ MID
TOUR AD IRON 115gAD115-X01 thru X10Black/WhiteCombo S/X40″-36″115g.355″Taper.602″2.1MID/ HIGHLOW/ MIDLOW/ MID



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